I am brazilian writer

Josy Stoque is a publicist by profession and writer by vocation. She started writing as a child, first writing poems that were a source of relief for her. As a teenager, as part of a game with her best friend, she started creating imaginary worlds, fed by her thirst for reading that was fed by the classics of literature. Her debut novel, Marked by Fire, the first book in The Four Elements saga, was nominated for the 2013 Codex de Ouro Annual Literary Prize. Two titles in the series have been published in Brazil, and the author will release the remaining two books through the Kindle Direct Publishing platform in Brazil in 2014. AmazonCrossing will publish Marked by Fire in English in summer 2014.


Kissed by the spray of the Iguaçú Falls in the lush heart of the Brazilian rain forest, the luminous woman Tamires kneels, searching for answers. The falls have always beckoned her, their pull as mysterious as the fire that burns inside her—a fire whose elemental force is the key to unlocking her mystical destiny. Thirty years earlier, young Tamires was abandoned beneath the falls with only a sparkling amethyst pendant linking her to her origins. Now, as extraordinary powers awaken within her, she knows she must finally unearth the truth behind her past. Her search leads her to a visionary astronomer, to the enchanted falls where she was found, and—most dangerously—to another man. At every turn, Tamires confronts tightly guarded secrets shielded by lies that threaten not only her family but also the future of all humankind. Only she holds the power to discover the truth, and to fulfill her destiny of righting a perilously unbalanced universe.